Whether you choose to walk on trails or to make spectacular horse rides or off-road car raids, or dedicate yourself to the culinary arts or embroidery, the possibilities for recreation are different, without forgetting that, in addition to the routes in the area, Borgo Cisterna has its own dedicated circuit for the mountain bike lovers, with different levels of difficulty, within its own grounds.


Trekking, Mountain Bike, Horse riding or trekking, Off road …. there are many possibilities for excursions around the village or in the surrounding area.


Bordering the hamlet runs a CAI path that crosses the Montefeltro territory, making stops on Mount Carpegna, at the Conca waterfalls or at the suggestive Fagnana stone, the “Finger of the Devil”. Every corner offers views of incomparable beauty, surrounded by a living and ever-present nature.


The ancient roads, the sheep tracks and the hill paths offer the ideal conditions to try out mountain biking, facing spectacular paths immersed in nature, reaching the most panoramic points of the territory; pause over a peak or bathe in a stream or waterfall, with the certainty of returning to rest and refresh at the Borgo.

Our Borgo offers its Guests an INTERNAL MOUNTAIN BIKE CIRCUIT, which develops within the grounds of the village, about 2 km long and with different levels of difficulty and experience, complete with jumps, parabolic and down hill. The Borgo of Cisterna offers mountain bikers free of charge to its guests. A local company offers the possibility to rent e-bikes.



Our Guests can, upon request, attend a course of traditional Italian cooking, delving into the favorite topic, discovering the culinary peculiarities of which our menu is rich. The course can take place either in a single lesson or several lessons.

Topics to choose from on which to deepen a cooking course:

– how to combine food and ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine
– work and prepare fresh pasta
– fresh pasta, stuffed pasta and dry pasta (in broth, in a pan and baked pasta)
– preparation of seasonings, soffritti and sauces (sauces, meat sauce, etc.)
– vegetable and vegetable soups and soups
– pizzas, focaccias and savory pies
– main courses of white meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey)
– main courses of red meat (beef, veal, pork, lamb)
– vegetable second courses and side dishes
– baked dry cakes
– cakes and pastries
– spoon desserts and frozen desserts

Cost  per one person  € 45,00 per hour/lesson

Cost per two persons € 70,00 per hour/lesson; for more persons € 35,00 per person per hour/lesson


On request and upon reservation it is possible to organize different courses including those of:

– Embroidery

– Wine tasting, recognition and wine pairing

– Course of recognition of spontaneous herbs

In detail the courses:

– EMBROIDERY COURSE lasting 3 + 3 hours (minimum 6-8 participants) € 30.00 per person

– ENOLOGICAL COURSE of tasting, recognition and pairing of wines and how to serve them, total 9 hours with certificate of attendance, € 60.00 per person (minimum 8 participants).

– Recognition course and use of local wild herbs with excursion for the collection of seasonal herbs and subsequent preparation in the kitchen: total duration 4 + 2 hours, € 30.00 per person (minimum 6 participants).


With simple and delicate brushstrokes you will find yourself able to make drawings on any object. A fantastic opportunity to learn and learn about the Maiolicare techniques that made our places famous (Pesaro, Urbino, Casteldurante).

It is proposed to offer:

– Historical notes on the decoration and illustration of the various ornamental systems of Majolica.

– Realization of the project with decoration on paper.

– Report drawing using direct or indirect techniques.

– Brush decoration.

– Use of color and its characteristics.

– Crystallization.

– Cooking until the friezes are executed.

– Delivery of your work performed.

The course includes materials, tools, assistance of a professional figure

Course duration: 4 hours

The course costs are € 50.00 (per lesson).

The course will take place when 4 to 5 participants per lesson are reached


The Borgo Cisterna has a Mountain Bike Circuit that develops inside the estate, passing under the ancient walls, entering the woods, orchards and descending from the top of the hill overlooking the panoramic pool, with some jumps, parabolic and alternative passagess for the down hill.

The length of the circuit is almost 2 kilometers.

Bowls green

The Borgo has a bowls green where you can spend moments of leisure and passion with your friends. Placed in the park under the walls of the village, 25 meters long, it is suitable for competitions for professionals.