I still remember, and I was a child, that scent of steaming broth

that invaded the vaults of the narrow atrium that led to the beautiful stone houses
of the high mountain village where my aunt Sina lived.

I ran and climbed the stairs two by two to see if it really was
she had kept her promise to make me her tortelli:
great though it was astonishment when, having arrived in the kitchen,
besides the smell that had led me there,
the perfume of his and only his meatballs with pine nuts began to expand.

The party had begun.
My aunt hugged me and whispered in my ear:
“I also prepared the honey struffoli!”

I have always pursued those moments, in memory and in affections, and now that they seem so far away, I want them to revive together with the true flavors,
not only of the kitchen, but also of time.

Mario Gallerani


      Our cuisine, the result of family tradition and the search for original recipes of tradition, is based on the use of top quality materials coming preferably from the company’s own productions and, if necessary, from local productions. Our company productions are exclusively vegetable, including fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs. Among them excels the production of Capers, unique in the region, for which the particular biodiversity has been recognized with the registration to the Regional Repertoire, Capers of Borgo Cisterna, No. 70 of the Vegetal Section, Herbaceous Species, according to the L.R. 12/2003 of 03.05.2013

      Our dishes therefore offer a considerable offer of vegetable preparations and therefore suitable for diets aimed at vegetarians, but not only. Moreover, our kitchen is in constant search of traditional products and privileges, in the administration to its guests, not only strictly local products but above all the recognized Marche biodiversity.

      In our restaurant, open all year, reservations are appreciated.

      Borchiette di torta salata
      Crescentine dorate* con salumi affettati locali
      Formaggio di fossa di Cisterna e miele d’acacia di Carpegna
      Formaggio di fossa di Cisterna e Marmellata di Zucca o Mele Rosa di Cisterna
      Peperoni al rogo di ginepro*
      Girelle con Prosciutto e Caciotta
      Rotolino di Peperoni con acciughe e Capperi di Borgo Cisterna
      Baci di Funghetti alla Crema di Formaggio ed erbe Aromatiche
      Giardinetto misto d’orto di Cisterna sott’olio*
      Fichi al caramello*
      Sott’olio di Cachi*
      Crostini ai Capperi di Borgo Cisterna in Crema Bianca e Salsa Verde
      Friggione al coccio
      Quadretti di Torta Brusca

      Tortellacci alle noci*
      Lucertoloni al profumo di salvia*
      Ravioli allo stracotto di manzo
      Tortellini in brodo
      Scudi di lasagne al forno*
      Canolini all’anatra in salsa di porri e vino aromatizzato ristretto
      Saccottini alle Melanzane*
      Caramelle alla Zucca con scaglie di Formaggio di Fossa di Cisterna*
      Mezzelune alla Borragine
      Rosette al tartufo*

      Passatelli in brodo della nonna*
      Strozzapreti al Radicchio Rosso e Gorgonzola*
      Tagliatelle al Prosciutto e Verdicchio
      Garganelli al ragù d’anatra e funghi porcini
      Orecchiette e cime di rapa*
      Tagliatelle alla Lepre
      Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini*
      Gnocchi di Patate al Sugo

      Melanzane alla Parmigiana*
      Zucchine Ballerine di Cisterna in Parmigiana*
      Zuppa di Gnocchi e Ceci*
      Gnocchetti di semola con Purè di Piselli*
      Crema di Porcini e patate*
      Risotto allo Zafferano con funghi porcini*
      Risotto al Melone*
      Insalata estiva al Farro *
      (i piatti contrassegnati con asterisco * sono adatti per diete vegetariane)

      Costarelle di maiale allo scottadito in Rosticciana
      Involtini di carne farciti alle erbe aromatiche in rosso speziato
      Coniglio in porchetta
      Stinchi di coscia di maiale al forno all’Arancia
      Agnello o Capretto al forno con patate
      Coniglio ai capperi di Borgo Cisterna e funghi Porcini
      Stracotto di Vitello
      Cestino di Patate con Lenticchie dei Sibillini e Cotechino
      Melanzane al forno ripiene*
      Spiedini di carne mista e verdure
      Bocconcini di Brasato d’asina al Rosso Conero con riccioli di polenta
      Coratella di Agnello al Tegame
      Rosticciana Ripiena
      Scaloppina annegata al Verdicchio e Capperi di Borgo Cisterna
      Cotechino Fasciato in Vitello con Salsa di Funghi Porcini
      Cappone Ripieno di Castagne e Salsiccia al Melograno
      Involtini di Petti di Pollo Ripieni di Castagne e Salsiccia al Melograno

      Pasticcio di Melanzane all’Aceto Balsamico*
      Peperoni al rogo di ginepro*
      Melanzane al forno ripiene*
      Zucchine al forno ripiene*
      Insalata mista d’orto di Cisterna*
      Doratura di Carciofi ripieni*
      Crocchette di patate con cuore di salciccia
      Crocchette di patate con cuore filante*
      Fagiolini saltati in Crema di Zucca di Cisterna*
      Crocchette ripiene di Cocunci di Borgo Cisterna e Salvia Fritta
      Cordini di Verdurine Fritte*
      Verzolini ripieni*
      Occhielli di Carciofi ripieni*
      Fiori di Zucca Ripieni al forno*
      Fiori di Zucca in pastella ripieni*
      Patate al forno o in padella*
      Cachi di Cisterna Sott’Olio*
      Scarpigni e Castracani di campo di Cisterna Saltati in padella*

      Torta di riso alla Bolognese
      Rose del Deserto, Lunette farcite o altri dolcetti e crostate al forno con Marmellate di Cisterna
      Coppetta di crema al Croccante di mandorle con balsamo al cioccolato
      Coppetta di crema vanigliata con prugne sciroppate
      Amaretti con miele di Carpegna
      Cigno d’Ananas con Crema Chantilly e Balsamo al cioccolato
      Torta Cassata alla Bolognese
      Tortine di Rose
      Fiore di Pere caramellate con Bocciolo di Crema al Croccante di Mandorle
      Torta al cioccolato e Noci
      Torta Esterina
      Torta con caffè crema e cioccolata e fiocchetti di panna montata

      Elisir all’Uovo
      Crema di Limone
      Visciolino di Cisterna (vino liquoroso aromatizzato alle Visciole di Cisterna)

      Cuisine Courses

      Our guests can ask to attend a traditional Italian cuisine deepening the favorite topic, discovering the culinary specialties of which is abundant in our menu. The course may be repeated in a single lesson that more lessons.

      Topics to be chosen for a cooking course:
      – How to combine foods and ingredients in Mediterranean cooking
      – How to prepare fresh pasta
      – Fresh pasta, stuffed pasta and dried pasta (soup, pan-fried and baked pasta)
      – Preparation of dressings, sauces and soffritti (ragù, sauces, etc.)
      – Soups of vegetables and legumes
      – Pizzas, cakes and pies
      – The white meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey)
      – The second of red meat (beef, veal, pork, lamb)
      – The second of the vegetables and side dishes
      – Dried sweet
      – Cakes and pastries
      – Puddings and frozen desserts

      Galà Gran Menù

      We will propose to all Guests, on a weekly basis, a Galà Grand Menu, much sought after and particular, mainly as an evening event.

      The menu, complex and rich in types of courses, and the relative price will be proposed in advance from time to time in the Restaurant Hall, and the Guests will decide whether to participate (we will also accept proposals on dates to meet everyone’s availability and programs). At the disposal of these events, in addition to the lounge and the panoramic patio, there are also the wide and articulated stone staircase between the houses of the village on which tables and decorations will be elegantly arranged, illuminated by torches, candelabra and braziers.

      It should be noted that the Guests who will stay with less than 6-7 days may not fall within the scheduled or proposed dates due to obvious non-coincidence on the times, for this reason the Management cannot be held responsible for failure to schedule. It will be our attention, as far as possible, to try to involve all our Guests in proposing this experience, even those with a few days of stay.

      Ceremonies and Events

      The quiet and private location of the village, along with the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding landscape, is ideal for carrying out ceremonies and special events, preferably small in size, in agreement with the intimacy and privacy of the place.

      In addition to the living room and the rooftop patio, for these events there are also wide spices on stone steps between the houses of the village, on which are arranged elegantly tables and decorations, plus the ability to pull in special dedicated meetings and fashion show.

      In particular, the evening ceremonies, lit by torches, candles, torches and braziers located anywhere on the staircase, offer a view of the past and a sense of antiquity, in which the stone reveals the redder colors.

      Aperitif Party

      Now more and more widespread, the evening spent sipping cocktails and wines accompanied by tasty appetizers to savory pies, big rolls and croutons stuffed with products and herbs in season, turnovers and crescentines, rolls with vegetables and cream of Borgo Cisterna Capers, friggione and Pecorino di Fossa di Cisterna, ending with fresh fruit and sweets. Relaxed and casual evening with friends in the moonlight or under the soft and warm light of torches and lights of the village, embraced by the pleasant surroundings of the ancient stone of Cisterna.

      We can offer different types of AperiCena organized for groups on reservation:
      -torte savory, rotoloni and croutons stuffed with products and herbs in season, turnovers and crescentines, meats and cheeses, aperitifs and wines white and red, € 15 per person.
      -torte savory rotoloni and croutons stuffed with products and herbs in season, turnovers and crescentine, meats and cheeses, appetizers and white and red wines, fresh fruit or dessert € 18 per person.
      -torte savory rotoloni and croutons stuffed with products and herbs in season, turnovers and crescentine, meats and cheeses, appetizers and white and red wines, fresh fruit and dessert € 20 per person.